Prestige Wall Systems is a manufacturer of RendeX® External Cladding System.

It is an insulating, decorative and protective finish system for exterior walls that can be used for many types of constructions. The RendeX® External Cladding System is fully BCA Compliant.

The RendeX® Panel has been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4284 (weatherproofing) and AS4040.2/4040.3 BAC 2010 (wind loads).


RendeX®  has been approved as an external cladding and wall insulation system and accredited by the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) - Certificate Number v13/01 and been awarded CodeMark Accreditation - Certificate Number CM40090. RendeX® is also suitable to use in Bushfire areas with requirements up to BAL 29

RendeX® ​External Cladding System

What Is RendeX® External Cladding System?

While giving an appearance of a rendered brick wall, RendeX® External Cladding System is actually a multi-layered wall system that consists of the following components:

RendeX® Panel


Made of polystyrene, coated with polymer modified render and alkaline resistant  fiberglass mesh, mechanically secured to the exterior wall surface.

Base Coat


Two coats of base coat render 3-5mm thick is applied to the entire wall area.​

Finish Coat


Applied on top of the base coat giving a durable, crack-resistant finish.​

All coatings to be applied according render manufacturer's instructions.

Key Benefits

Superior energy efficiency

Great design flexibility


Quick and easy to install

Strong and durable


The growing popularity of RendeX® External Cladding System is due to the fact that few, if any, competitive materials offer such a wide range of desirable product benefits. Chief among these are superior energy efficiency and virtually unlimited design flexibility.


Energy Efficiency

If you`ve ever felt the comfort of being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter night, you have some idea of what FoamPanel can do for a home or building.

RendeX® External Cladding System literally wrap the exterior in an energy-efficient thermal blanket. By insulating outside the structure, EIFS reduce air infiltration, stabilize the interior environment and reduce energy consumption.

In fact, RendeX® External Cladding System can reduce air infiltration by as much as 55% compared to standard brick or wood construction. And since walls are one of the greatest areas of heat and air conditioning loss, improvement in the wall insulation can be very meaningful in terms of energy conservation.

What`s more, RendeX® External Cladding System add to the "R-value" of a home or building. Prestige Wall Systems use M-grade polystyrene with an R-value for 75mm thick board of R-1.8. It is possible to achieve R-value of R - 4 when standard wall cavity insulation is combined with PWS FoamPanel.

Another point to keep in mind on new construction: Due to the energy efficiency of RendeX® External Cladding System, it may be possible to specify lower-capacity heating and air conditioning equipment without sacrificing anything in terms of interior comfort.

Design Flexibility

The rich appearance of RendeX® External Cladding System bears a resemblance to rendered brick wall, but the system is far more versatile than brick and other materials. Not only do PWS FoamPanel come in virtually limitless colors and a wide variety of textures, but they also can be fashioned into virtually any shape or design.

With RendeX® External Cladding System, PWS architectural mouldings and skilled applicators you can create all sorts of exterior architectural detailing that would often be cost-prohibitive using conventional construction.

All of this detailing is computer-generated. The designs are precision-cut out of polystyrene block, and then covered with mesh and polymer render in factory condition, insuring the accuracy and quality control, delivered to site and installed by the skilled installer.

Using this ingenious process, RendeX® External Cladding System applicators can give a striking, distinctive appearance to any building or residence.